It’s no secret that I love pizza.

And it’s no secret that, for me, Pat’s wins every single time. The beauty of Pat’s Pizza is that, even though each restaurant in the chain is privately owned, each uses the same dough and sauces for their delicious pizzas.

But the restaurants do have some subtle differences in other areas.

Pat’s in Windham has been owned by Jana Hanson for eight years. It’s a family-friendly place, no question about it, but it also has a bar that is likely to be filled with bikers — but the quiet and laid-back kind, not the “Sons of Anarchy” kind.

With a full menu offering sandwiches, salads and every kind of pizza topping imaginable, Pat’s is an easy choice when trying to solve dinner issues with the family. There are multiple booths to choose from (featuring TVs to entertain the little ones), large tables for groups, and an arcade room. That room is not just for kids, though; there’s a Golden Tee game in there, an adult favorite.

When I visited, Pat’s was participating in the Portland Press Herald’s Divatini Challenge. The bar’s original drink was the Almond Joy Martini (for only $5 during the competition). I tried this blend of Godiva dark chocolate liquor, Absolute vodka, Malibu rum, Frangelica and milk, which was garnished with chocolate syrup and coconut shavings. It was sweet. It was strong. My kind of martini, for sure.

With 14 draft beers, there’s a brew for everyone, including Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Sea Dog Blueberry Ale, Shipyard Pumpkinhead, Longtrail Harvest Ale, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Sam’s Octoberfest, Harpoon IPA, Blue Moon, Gritty’s Vacationland, Guinness and Shipyard Export. Pat’s frequently offers tall, 23-ounce beers at the 16-ounce price.

Speaking of specials, they have daily and weekly specials that change regularly. Visit Pat’s on Facebook for the latest updates. Pat’s also has a mug club with some pretty sweet deals, including pizza on your birthday, 3 to 5 p.m. half-price appetizers, and 20-ounce beers for the price of pints. Get it all for $50 a year.

Football season is upon us, and Pat’s Pizza in Windham has your NFL Sunday ticket. The waitress said there were 50 televisions, but I counted 40. Only 40. You can even watch football in the bathroom at Pat’s, so you won’t miss a single play.

So, if you haven’t been in recently, head to Pat’s Pizza in Windham and ask yourself why you’re not a regular. With good food at honest prices, cold drinks and an atmosphere the whole family can enjoy, you should be.

Amber Olesen is a freelance writer who lives in Westbrook.