FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – For the first week of the NFL season, Rex Ryan put his best player in a protective shell, in deference to a training camp holdout that sapped Darrelle Revis’ stamina.

For the upcoming second week of the NFL season, Ryan had every intention of breaking the emergency glass and letting Revis loose, in deference to the quality of the opposing receiver and the sudden precariousness of the Jets’ position.

With New England receiver Randy Moss coming to town and the Jets (0-1) facing as big a Week 2 game as possible against their bitter AFC East rival, Ryan needs Revis more than ever.

Which is why the tightness Revis felt in his left hamstring during practice Thursday set off the real alarm bells. Never mind the Jets’ proclamations during Revis’ 36-day holdout that the team could win without him. Last weekend’s restricted version of the All-Pro corner only proved how much they need all of him. While Revis patrolled the left side of the field, top Baltimore receiver Anquan Boldin amassed 110 yards against Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson.

Ryan, Revis and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine all downplayed the seriousness of Revis’ setback, with Ryan joking that he has no choice but to follow through on his promise to return to form and put Revis on Moss one-on-one because “the league is going to make us.” Revis insisted he expects to play and is ready for his close-up with Moss.

“I got a contract with the NFL,” he said. “Nah, Rex is funny. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to Sunday, to me and Randy going up against each other, and I’m sure it’s going to be a fun matchup.”

Revis understands how to enjoy the hype surrounding these individual clashes, knowing each battle he wins only grows the legend of Revis Island. It is the same no-nonsense pragmatism that allows him to own up to the risk of his training camp holdout. Had he been with the team for four weeks of preparation, this might not have happened.

And yet the injury might have happened anyway, like last year, when Revis pulled his right hamstring two weeks into camp. The difference is that now, whatever setbacks come his way, Revis moves forward with the clear-mindedness of a man with $32 million of guaranteed contract money, the eventual upshot of the awkward, drawn-out stall in negotiations. If the delay that ultimately ended with a four-year, $42 million deal carried a harmful effect into Week 1, it was worth it in the long run.

Look no further than to Moss for proof.

Revis’ controversial counterpart managed to puncture the postgame glow of New England’s opening win over Cincinnati with a 15-minute ramble about his unhappiness playing out the final season of a three-year, $27 million contract.

Though he insisted he would continue to play hard all year and that he wants to remain with the Patriots, he also said it would be like a “smack in the face” if he doesn’t get an offer until the offseason. He said his intention was to get his frustration off his mind now, so that it doesn’t come up later this season.

But rather than clear the air, he leaves it heavy with potential distraction.

“I don’t want to take away from the win, but before the season gets started — I don’t want to be in Week 10, Week 11 or Week 12 talking about a contract,” Moss said. “Basically, what I want to let you all know is that I know this is the last year of my contract. … You can print it, I don’t care how you put it to ink, I want to be here with the Patriots. I love being here. I just think that, from a business standpoint, this will be my last year with the Patriots.”

This is precisely what Revis avoided with the holdout.

Instead of talking about contracts, Revis is talking about contact, as in how to avoid Moss’ contact with the football. The two players have a compelling history, with the veteran Moss having built his reputation as perhaps the best downfield threat in the game and the upstart Revis building his burgeoning resume by keeping Moss in check. In two games against Revis last season, Moss totaled nine receptions for a combined 58 yards — far below his usual productivity.

Revis, who generally prefers to leave declarations of his greatness to others, did stir the pot a bit when he described Moss as a “slouch” in an offseason interview. Moss heard it, and said he was motivated to recharge his offseason workouts just so he could get off “Revis Island.” Here’s hoping Revis’ balky hamstring gives Moss the chance to try.