Charlotte Rosenblad of Portland was as outrageous as she was adventurous.

“My mother was never embarrassed to say anything,” said her son, Dennis Rosenblad. “As a kid, I would sometimes run into another aisle at the grocery store because I was embarrassed she would try to bargain for a deal at the register.”

Mrs. Rosenblad’s daughter, Sandra Arnold, recalled her mother’s love for seeking out the unknown on long car trips on Maine’s back roads.

“After they retired, my father and her would get in the car every day and just drive,” said Arnold. “They would take any road they hadn’t gone down.”

Mrs. Rosenblad died Wednesday. She was 94.

Mrs. Rosenblad grew up in Portland and attended Deering High School, where she graduated in 1933. She met her husband, Walter Rosenblad, during her time at Deering.

“He was captain of the football and basketball teams, and she set her sights on him,” said Arnold. “They were high school sweethearts.”

Mrs. Rosenblad maintained her connection to Deering High as an adult, and even organized her class’s 75th reunion in 2008.

“She had many, many friends, and her favorite thing was organizing those high school reunions,” said Arnold.

After high school, Mrs. Rosenblad got a job at National Biscuit Co. on Forest Avenue. She told stories of her experiences there to her friends and family whenever they drove past the building, which is now the University of Southern Maine’s library.

Later in life, Mrs. Rosenblad developed a reputation for telling humorous tales of her adventures.

“She once told us a story about how she was coming back from a foliage tour in New Hampshire and ended up taking Route 93 rather than Route 95 while driving back,” said Arnold. “It took her 16 hours to get home, and she said she had the time of her life.”

Along with her stories and bold spirit, Mrs. Rosenblad will be remembered for her untiring dedication to her family and friends.

“I never lacked for anything. We never had a lot, but I never knew it because of her,” said Dennis Rosenblad. “She was always there for us when we needed her.”

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