BRIDGTON — Police are searching for a Bridgton man who family members say hasn’t been seen in almost three weeks.

Jeffrey Stewart, 37, was last seen walking away from a minor accident on Route 302 in Naples on Sept. 5, said his wife.

Police say the Ford Escort wagon Stewart was driving side-swiped a car on Route 302 and then was rear-ended by another car but there was minimal damage in the second incident, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Stewart was last seen walking in the direction of Bray’s Brew Pub. He was reported missing the next day.

Mary Stewart said her husband has mental illness and was discharged from Spring Harbor Hospital just two days before he disappeared. She said he is a disabled veteran who has had several hospitalizations and he does not have access to the medication that he needs.

“I am devastated,” she said. “He’s had no money. He had on a short-sleeve jean shirt and a pair of blue jean pants, a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap,” she said. She said he hasn’t used his cell phone and she worries that he may have died.

Bridgton police say they are trying to find Stewart but they have little to go on. Mary Stewart says she does not believe police are doing enough to find her husband and thinks they should be scouring the woods in Naples.