CINCINNATI — Police officers feared a showdown between rival motorcycle gangs before a shooting in which the officers killed a Maine man they say was a gang member, the city’s police chief said Thursday.

Police on Saturday noticed members of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang sitting outside a bar on the city’s west side and saw many motorcycles across the street, Chief Tom Streicher said. Officers feared citizens would be hurt in a showdown between Iron Horsemen members and a rival biker gang, he said.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the chief said a six-vehicle caravan of police officers, many in plain clothes, arrived at the bar Saturday night and the officers were fired upon by Iron Horsemen member Harry Seavey, 51, of South Portland.

Police fatally shot Seavey after a gun battle that left two undercover officers wounded, Streicher said. The officers – one shot in the leg and one in the hip – are expected to recover.

Streicher said more than one officer fired at Seavey, and police have not confirmed which one fired the fatal bullet.

Businesses and bar owners had complained to police for months about the presence of motorcycle gangs in the area, Streicher said.