ALFRED — The prosecution is expected to rest its case later today in the murder trial of Jason Twardus.

The trial has been ongoing since Sept. 13 at York County Superior Court.

Twardus, 29, of Rochester, N.H., is charged with killing his ex-fiancee, Kelly Gorham, on August 8, 2007. Prosecutors claim Twardus strangled Gorham at her apartment in Alfred, then buried her body on a remote piece of land owned by his father in northern New Hampshire. Police found Gorham’s body during a search of that land three weeks later.

Twardus’ defense team says two alternative suspects, men with criminal records who had dinner and drinks with Gorham on the night before she went missing, were responsible for her death.

Attorney Daniel Lilley also says a jury in Maine cannot convict Twardus if the state cannot prove she was actually killed in Maine, and not in New Hampshire as the defense lawyers have suggested.

Steve Rowland, a detective with the New Hampshire State Police, testified this morning that he found a hair on the carpet in the trunk of Twardus’ Subaru Impreza. Investigators matched the hair to Gorham.

Prosecutors say the hair is evidence that Twardus transported the body in the vehicle. Lilley has said Twardus and Gorham dated for about two years, so the discovery of one of her hairs in the Subaru does not prove anything.