The highest bid for a fraternity house in Gorham that town officials foreclosed on in June belongs to a resident, who has lived in the neighborhood for the past 30 years.

Peter Wentworth, of 17 Elm St., bid $81,100 for the property at 27 Preble St. The Phi Kappa Sigma house was seized in June for its tax delinquency and 140 code violations, ranging from a chair blocking a doorway to sewage in the basement.

John McInery came in second with a bid of $60,500. Doug Carter, of Paradise Way, bid $35,000 on the condition he gained town approval to demolish the building and build a new one.

Carter and Wentworth attended a meeting Friday when town officials unsealed the bids. Wentworth did not return calls seeking comment.

Carter is proposing to develop the property as a mixed commercial and residential building. Carter said today that he envisions a fast-food restaurant, retail store, or business on the first floor; and two apartments on the second floor.

“My chances are slim,” Carter said. “I couldn’t imagine the town accepting my bid. I just hope the property is cleaned up and looks good.”

Town Manager David Cole plans to make a recommendation to the Town Council for its Oct. 5 meeting.