ALFRED — Jason Twardus’ mother and sister were the first witnesses to testify this morning at his murder trial, as lawyer Daniel Lilley began calling defense witnesses at York County Superior Court.

Twardus is accused of killing his ex-fiancee, 30-year-old nursing student Kelly Gorham, three years ago. The prosecution rested its case Friday.

Rose Chagnon, of Farmington, N.H., told the jury she does not believe her son was the man recorded by video surveillance cameras at a Big Apple store in Colebrook, N.H., on Aug. 8, 2007.

Kimberly Twardus, Jason’s sister, also said she could not identify the man on the tapes.

Gorham’s body was found Sept. 2, 2007, a few miles away from the Big Apple store on a parcel of wooded land owned by Twardus’ father.

Prosecutors say the tapes show Twardus was not at home in Rochester, N.H., as he told detectives, but was up near his father’s land on the day when Gorham was reported missing. She was last seen at her apartment in Alfred on the night of Aug. 7, 2007.

The trial has been ongoing since Sept. 13, and the jury is expected to get the case for deliberation in the middle of this week.