Clearly, the next Governor of Maine will set the direction for state government and that race is critically important. Equally important however are the legislative races taking place throughout our state.

Recently I hosted a small reception in my Falmouth home for Dick Woodbury who is running as an independent candidate for the Maine Senate. A group of Republicans and Democrats gathered to meet and learn about him.

Woodbury is not your typical politician. He did not pretend to have all the answers people wanted to hear but he was thoughtful, articulate and schooled in complex issues including taxation. Perhaps more than anything he projected an understanding that the lives of every day Maine people are impacted by policies developed in the Legislature. It matters who we send to the Maine Senate in this difficult economic climate.

Woodbury’s background as an economist and policy analyst appears uniquely suited to perform well in the Maine Senate. This is a good time for a smart, thoughtful, independent candidate with great policy experience to be elected.

Barbara Keefe