These days we are urged to “buy local” as much as we can. In general I agree with that and do whatever I can to support local businesses. However, in November I will not be selecting the local option when it comes to the race for state representative.

In that race, Gray resident Gary Foster is running against Anne Graham, from North Yarmouth. I am supporting Anne Graham because she supports fair income and property taxes. As a nurse, she is a strong advocate for health-care reform, which is so critical for Maine’s families and small businesses. She is also a big supporter of public schools, and since she participated in the the SAD 51 and Falmouth school consolidation process she understands how communities can work together to create efficiencies and share resources.

Anne has campaigned hard in Gray in an effort to get to know her district, and I have great confidence in her ability to provide the leadership in Augusta that Gray needs and deserves. I hope you will join me in voting for Anne for the House District 109 seat on Nov. 2.

Anne B. Gass