The citizens of Maine’s 108th House District have a marvelous opportunity this Nov. 2: they can elect Tom Gruber to represent them.

Tom’s not a politician; he hasn’t sought public office since he moved to Cumberland in 1981. But he’s exactly what the district needs: a dedicated public servant motivated not by ambition or desire to seek higher office, but by a genuine call to serve and represent the people of his community.

Twenty-two years of military service taught Tom the value of hard work, cooperation and dogged determination. And 35 years as a health-care administrator helped him hone those skills while simultaneously helping him develop the ability to work effectively with all kinds of people, and under all kinds of conditions. Regardless of the situation, Tom Gruber won’t stop working until the job gets done right.

Tom is and always has been a consensus-seeker who will work with anyone and everyone to find practical solutions to the concerns of those he serves. Given the polarized state of politics both locally and nationally Tom is the perfect fit for his district: an independent thinker who will work hard to do what is right rather than bicker over who is right.

Tom Gruber defies labels. When someone asks who he’s running against his response is “I’m not running against anyone; I’m running for you.”

I’m voting for Tom and urge all of my friends and neighbors in the 108th House District to do the same.

Andy Young