CAPE ELIZABETH — Frederic K. Sturtevant has launched a write-in campaign to fill a vacant seat on the School Board.

There are two seats up for grabs on Nov. 2, but only Kimberly Monaghan-Derrig returned nomination papers in time to appear on the ballot.

Board members Linda Winker and Chairwoman Rebecca Millett are not seeking re-election.

Sturtevant, 45, works for Blue Cross Blue Shield as a developer adviser. He has a domestic partner and a child. He has twice previously run unsuccessfully for the School Board.

He received his bachelor’s degree in science from Southern New Hampshire University and is working on a master’s degree in business administration from SNHU. He has lived in Cape Elizabeth for 21 years and has no alignment to any groups in town, he said.

“This is a great time to be involved because the search for a superintendent is a very large function of the School Board,” he said. “I want to be a part of that process and help contribute to the long-term vision of the district.”

Superintendent Alan Hawkins announced his retirement in August and will complete his duties as superintendent by Dec. 31. He will continue working for the district in as consultant through April 15, 2011, to assist in the transition to a new superintendent and to work on curriculum, instruction and assessment, and the emergency plan.

Sturtevant described himself as a fiscal conservastive who wants to promote responsibility.

“If revenue doesn’t go up, then spending has to decrease,” he said.

In his 2009 School Board campaign, Sturtevant suggested combining the middle school and Pond Cove school, and addressing teacher salaries as a way to cut costs. He also endorsed participation, or pay-to-play, fees for school activities.

Town Clerk Debra Lane said voters must spell write-in candidates’ names correctly enough so that their intent is clear when the ballots are read.

After the election, Lane said the resident with the most write-in votes will be asked to accept election. If the winner declines, a vacancy will be declared and a special election will have to be held.

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