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WINDSOR — Dick Furfey thinks somebody’s out to get him, but he doesn’t know who. Or why.

In July, the disabled Vietnam veteran Furfey said, someone stole the 2-foot-by-4-foot “HIPPIE HAVEN” sign at the end of his driveway and removed all the reflectors from his mailbox.

Furfey reported it to the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office, and said Kennebec County Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Michael Pion came to his Weeks Mills Road home to investigate.

Furfey said Pion asked him if he knew of anyone who might have a grudge against him.

Furfey, 62, said he couldn’t think of anyone.

A month later, Furfey said, someone removed a smaller sign that hung under his mailbox with his name and box number. The person threw the sign into his driveway up by his house.

“My driveway is long, so whoever did it needed to walk a ways down to have it fall where it did,” Furfey said. “I figured that, if I called the sheriff’s department, they would only say it was kids again. So I didn’t call. I came home from the VA (hospital) maybe a week later and my door had been forced open. The strike plate was hanging by one screw and the other was on the floor. The wood on the inside of the strike plate was on the floor.”

But that wasn’t the end of Furfey’s troubles.

On Sept. 18, Furfey reported that someone had stolen his new heavy duty table saw, a yellow Dewalt DW744x, that he said cost more than $500. It was still in its original box under an open window in his shed.

Furfey said the saw had been taken out through the window piece by piece. Whoever took it left the saw-blade safety cover behind, he said.

“At first, I figured that it would be a waste of time to report it,” he said. “But a few days later, I had parked my car with a little less than half a tank of gas. The next morning, my gas gauge was on empty. This time a state trooper called me back and took the information over the phone. He said that he would talk to other deputies about patrolling more often and that he would check the pawn shops. If anything came up, he said that he would contact me.”

Pion said the theft is under investigation.

“It is being investigated by us,” Pion said Wednesday. “As far as having any suspects, I don’t have any as of yet.”

As a disabled veteran, Furfey said he doesn’t need more stress. He has had to deal with injuries sustained by a grenade that exploded 5 feet from him.

And he doesn’t feel he deserves to be victimized. He had enough of that from the general public when he returned home from the Vietnam War.

“I have severe combat (post-traumatic stress disorder) and my wounds keep me in terrible pain,” Furfey said. “I would like all or any of the people who might know something about who is stalking and terrorizing me to come forth and call me. I would like to know who this unpatriotic and vile person is.”

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