Please join me in voting for Kerry Corthell and Iver Carlsen for Scarborough Town Council.

In 2008 their opponents all voted to prohibit the Conservation Commission from commenting on plans for development in Scarborough, as the Commission had done for over 10 years. This was done to punish members of the Conservation Commission who made public a number of flaws in the plans for a development that threatened to damage the Scarborough Marsh. Such short-sighted action by these councillors ignored the long-term best interests of the town.

Scarborough is known for many unique natural areas that once damaged or diminished may never recover. But development can be sympathetic with the preservation of natural resources. Both Kerry and Iver are concerned about maintaining a healthy balance that will ensure the future of these resources.

I support candidates who will think independently, act transparently, voice their opinions, show respect for their fellow citizens, and vote for the long-term benefit of the town of Scarborough.

If you agree, please vote for Kerry Corthell and Iver Carlsen.

Paul W. Austin