STANDISH – Paranormal groups are always answering questions like do ghosts exist? Are we ever alone or do spirits surround us? Well, according to a recent investigation by the Everything Paranormal of New England visitors to the Old Red Church on Oak Hill Road are definitely not alone.

“The names we picked up from the spirits in the church were Alice and Maggie,” said Investigator Renee Alling. “There are male spirits there too, but we don’t know their names.”

Renee and her team monitored the Old Red Church on Oct. 9 and revealed their findings to the Standish Historical Society on Tuesday night. Among seeing, photographing, and video taping orbs, the group also videotaped flashlights turning off and on, which Alling told the group is the spirits in the church attempting to communicate.

“The spirits were asked questions and asked to turn the light on for yes and leave it off for no,” explained Alling. “What you are seeing when the flashlight goes on is the visitors answering the questions we are asking.”

Members of the historical society had questions of their own including, are the spirits dangerous, who are they, and why are they there.

“We’re not sure why they are there but most churches have visitors,” said Alling. “It may be because it’s a safe place for them.”

As far as being dangerous Alling believes humans are more dangerous to spirits because some spirits may not know they are dead. Although she believes it is possible for spirits to follow people home, it has never happened to her and probably will not happen to anyone visiting the Old Red Church.

In addition to the orbs and flashlight communication, Alling also revealed to the group that they had picked up numerous voices and unexplained sounds. She played the sounds with what she believed the voices were saying in the audio clip. In some clips, words were audible and in others only slight far-off noises could be heard.

In one instance a low, deep voice could be heard saying “get out,” which caused a few members of the society to gasp out loud.

“I know, I know,” said Alling. “I am glad I didn’t hear that when I was there.”

Alling notes that most voices and noises can only be heard after the group leaves and listens to the recordings. She nor anyone from her group heard the noises while at the church.

Dana Edgecomb a board member of the Old Red Church that participated in the investigation, did not hear the voices either, nor has he ever.

“They certainly picked things up with the camera and recorders that I have never heard before,” said Edgecomb. “I have never seen anything there. I don’t really know how to explain it.”

Even though Edgecomb has not heard from the visitors in the past, Alling suspects he might now that the spirits know he knows they are present.

“I’m intrigued,” said Edgecomb with a smile. “But I’m not worried. It’s very interesting.”

Not everyone shared Edgecomb’s opinion, and the Historical Society was split on the belief that the Old Red Church is haunted.

“I don’t believe in this stuff,” said board member Jolene Webber. “I just find it difficult to believe. My husband spent two nights in that church and heard or saw nothing.”

New member Kathy Thompson disagreed with Webber.

“I believe it’s haunted,” said Thompson who has an interest in the paranormal since her father passed away and came back to visit her mother. “I actually think it’s pretty cool. I believe a lot of places around here (in Standish) are haunted.”

Whether or not they believe, the members where thankful for the presentation and ultimately left with something to talk about.

“I really don’t know what to think,” said George McNeil with a grin. “I think she (Renee) was definitely an effective speaker with a great presentation. I think that definitely helped to make her case.”

A flashlight shines on the altar of the Old Red Church in Standish during paranormal investigators’ attempt to communicate via the flashlight with ghosts. Renee Alling, who led the Oct. 9 investigation, revealed what her team found Tuesday at the Standish Town Hall. (Photo by Rich Obrey)

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