PORTLAND — Portland Police Chief James Craig said a suspicious package discovered behind a bush near the entrance to the federal courthouse contained clothes  and a cell phone charger.

Craig said the backpack and small duffel bag were most likely left there by a person who is homeless who wanted to leave it out of sight so it would not be taken.

The package was discovered at 9:40 a.m. and police closed down nearby roads and evacuated the courthouse while the police bomb squad deployed.

Craig said officials were mindful of other suspicious devices discovered elsewhere in the country, but that did not influence their reaction.

3:21 p.m.

PORTLAND — Federal courthouse security personnel have removed a black duffel bag and a blue backpack from the bushes next to the entrance of the federal courthouse.

Police also have reopened the courthouse to staff and visitors.

1:29 p.m.

PORTLAND — A Portland Police Department bomb specialist has used an X-ray device to examine a suspicious package found at the entrance to the federal courthouse.

The bomb specialist wearing protective clothing approached the bushes where the package was found, leaned in and captured an image on the device. He then walked back to the bomb squad vehicle parked at the corner of Market and Newbury streets to develop the film.

Police have blocked off the top of Exchange Street and parts of Federal, Newbury and Market streets adjacent to the courthouse.

12:52 p.m.

PORTLAND — Police are using a remote-controlled robot to examine a suspicious package that was found in bushes near the entrance of the federal courthouse.

The courthouse has been partially evacuated during the investigation.

10:37 a.m.

PORTLAND — Portland police are investigating a suspicious package found outside the federal courthouse at the corner of Market and Federal streets.

The package was reported at about 10 a.m. Police blocked off the road in front of the courthouse while they investigated. No additional details were available.