The litany of worn-out logical fallacies put forward by Professor Les Dawson sadly demonstrates that it is possible to achieve the station of “professor emeritus” while lacking the ability to think critically. (“Debate over LePage, creationism calls for keeping an open mind,” Oct. 25).

Professor Dawson and other proponents of intelligent design (ID) need to come to the realization that ID should not be taught in science class because it is not science.

In order for an idea or theory to be scientific, it must be testable and falsifiable.

Unlike the theory of evolution by natural selection, ID meets neither criteria. This was decisively settled in the courts with Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District in 2005.

Professor Dawson also fails to understand that something that is currently unknown is not necessarily unknowable.

He insinuates that religion should be given free rein to fill in the gaps in our understanding.

The history of science directly refutes this line of faulty reasoning.

Had we continued to rely on scripture and holy men instead of scientists to fill in the gaps in our knowledge, we would all still believe that the Earth is flat, stationary and the center of the universe.