An anonymous website attacking gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler has apparently been removed. The site, called “The Secret File on Eliot Cutler” has been inaccessible since at least Friday.

The domain name,, was registered by a company called Domains By Proxy Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., that allows users to register domain names anonymously. The company will not disclose the names of the registrants unless ordered to do so by a court or other legal proceeding.

MaineToday Media has employed two Internet experts to investigate who might be behind the creation.

A lawyer representing Cutler in an Oct. 1 letter to the company demanded the identity of the person or persons behind the website. In the letter, Cutler’s attorney, Peter DeTroy of Portland, threatened legal action and said the site contains “grossly defamatory” information.

At Cutler’s request, the site has become the focus of a Maine Ethics Commission investigation, arguing that an expenditure of $100 or more by Cutler Files would trigger a requirement to disclose the names of those who produced it since it would be considered under Maine law to be an independent expenditure.

The site’s creators claim that the site’ expenditures to date have been less than $100.

The creators used the name “Michael Blessing” to register the website. On Monday, an anonymous person using the pseudonym Michael Blessing and an e-mail address [email protected] told The Portland Press Herald that the hosting fee of $4.99 for November would have brought expenditures close to the $100 threshold. The e-mail said the site’s creators took the site down to stay below the $100 spending limit.