Democrat Libby Mitchell conceded in the race for Maine Governor tonight.

Mitchell spoke to supporters in Portland at about 10 o’clock, calling her run for office “an amazing journey.”

 “I will be supportive of the next governor, whoever that is,” she told more than 100 supporters at Bayside Bowl with her family gathered behind her on stage.

In a six-minute address, Mitchell thanked her family, her staff and all the supporters who made signs and phone calls on her behalf. She joked that the family had gone 0-3 tonight – son Will lost in the Portland City Council race and daughter Emily lost in the Maine House.

Then she recognized her husband Jim, who ran uncontested in Kennebec County for probate judge.

“We worked on our principles,” she said. “We stood up for justice. We fought for our school teachers. We stood up for children.”

 She said she was proud to be a Clean Election candidate and urged her supporters to continue to fight for their values.

 “We’re going to join hands with the next governor of the state of Maine,” she said.

 As she walked off the stage, a supporter yelled “see you in four years.”