‘Toy Story 3’ fully meets standard set by ‘1’ and ‘2’


“CENTURION,” starring Michael Fassbender and Dominic West. Lean, mean and extremely bloody, director Neil Marshall’s (“The Descent”) overlooked actioner pits the always-interesting Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds”) and a dwindling army of Roman soldiers against the Picts, who relentlessly pursue them through the mountains of Caledonia. That’s about it for plot, and while “Centurion” essentially amounts to a full-length chase scene, it’s an entertaining one full of gore, with Marshall’s knack for visceral thrills on full display. Rated R for sequences of strong bloody violence, grisly images and language. Running time: 1:37.

Suggested retail price: DVD $26.98; Blu-ray $29.98. 

“TOY STORY 3,” animated with the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Woody and the gang are back for the third and purportedly final adventure in the beloved Pixar franchise, which finds the toys teaming up with new friends Ken (Michael Keaton) and Lotso Huggin Bear (Ned Beatty, in his best role in years) to escape the harrowing day care center they’ve been mistakenly donated to after their former owner Andy heads off for college. Top-notch as both an example of quality family entertainment and one of the best escape films in years, Pixar has sent its iconic characters off with style and grace. Rated G. Running time: 1:42.

Suggested retail price: DVD $29.99; Blu-ray $39.99. 

“THE PACIFIC,” starring Isabel Lucas and William Sadler. From the people behind HBO’s “Band of Brothers” comes this gripping 10-part WWII miniseries, which, rather than attempting to follow an entire platoon, focuses on the intertwining stories of three marines involved in the battle between the U.S. and Japan in the Pacific. Respectfully crafted and riveting throughout. Not rated; contains war violence and language. Running time: 6:40.

Suggested retail price: DVD $79.98; Blu-ray $99.98. 


“THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW: THE COMPLETE SERIES,” starring Garry Shandling and Jeffrey Tambor. At long last, a definitive set for this pioneering and still hilarious talk-show parody, an early producing effort from the now-ubiquitous Judd Apatow. Running time: 46:40.

Suggested retail price: $149.99. 

“LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER,” starring The Rolling Stones. Another one from the Stones archives, this 1983 concert film finds the band in fine form at Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona, with cult director Hal Ashby (“Harold and Maude”), of all people, capturing the performance for posterity. Running time: 1:35.

Suggested retail price: $14.98. 


“ONCE FALLEN,” starring Brian Presley and Taraji P. Henson. This little-seen but hard-hitting drama from writer-director Ash Adams (“The Distance”) finds ex-con Chance (Brian Presley, “Home of the Brave”) attempting to embark on a crime-free existence following his release from jail, only to become immediately re-embroiled in the lifestyle when he’s forced to assume a friend’s overwhelming mob debt. As one might imagine, this throws a monkey wrench into his plans to both make peace with his father (an intimidating Ed Harris), who heads an Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, and to gain headway with a new love interest (Henson, “Date Night”). Performances across the board are excellent. Rated R for violence, pervasive language and some drug and sexual content. Running time: 1:29.

Suggested retail price: DVD $24.98; Blu-ray $24.98. 

“WINNEBAGO MAN,” documentary. Jack Rebney is a former RV salesman whose foul temper cost him his job after a hilariously profane blooper reel of his repeated attempts to get through an inane commercial shoot fell into the hands of his boss. That very blooper reel inevitably found its way onto the Internet, where millions could bask in the vulgarity and poorly controlled rage on display, with Rebney cursing out cameramen, RVs and even flies. Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer (“Brute Force”) decided to track down Rebney, now a recluse living in the mountains. Steinbauer’s quest evolves into a thought-provoking and ultimately quite moving exploration of unintentional celebrities. Not rated; contains language. Running time: 1:25.

Suggested retail price: $29.95. 

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