FALMOUTH — Falmouth High School teacher Mark Melnicove, 58, of Dresden faces a Dec. 16 Portland District Court date for possession of 2.4 grams of marijuana.

The marijuana was found during a random drug search in the high school parking lot Monday. At the request of the Falmouth School District, the police search the high school parking lot with drug-sniffing dogs. Falmouth Lt. John Kilbride said two dogs alerted their handlers of the marijuana found in a container in Melnicove’s vehicle.

Police issued a summons for the civil violation which carries a minimum fine of $200 but no jail time.

School Superintendent Barbara Powers said the school is conducting its own investigation. She declined to say whether Melnicove was still teaching.

“We take this very seriously and we are dealing with it as professionally as possible,” Powers said.

Signs in the high school parking lot alert users of the possibility of drug searches.