AUGUSTA – A Winslow woman has been charged with fraudulently obtaining food stamps by forging documents to say she was pregnant over a 40-month period.

Leah L. Wright, 34, was indicted Thursday by a grand jury in Kennebec County Superior Court on one count of theft by deception and eight counts of aggravated forgery.

According to the indictment, Wright received $1,000 to $10,000 from the state Department of Health and Human Services from Sept. 28, 2006, to Feb. 1, 2010, by falsely stating that she was pregnant.

An indictment is not a determination of guilt, but indicates that sufficient evidence exists to proceed with charges and a trial.

Assistant Attorney General Leane Robbin said Wright received about $4,000 in food stamp benefits.

“You can’t continue food stamps benefits forever unless there is a reason you can’t work,” she said.

The forgery charges all involve letters, from medical practitioners and agencies in Waterville and Augusta, that purportedly verify Wright’s pregnancies, gestational periods and due dates.

Two notes from separate agencies say that one pregnancy followed another by a day.

There was no indication Thursday that Wright had retained an attorney. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Kennebec County Superior Court at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.