Maine was cool long before cool itself was cool, so there’s no surprise to the Pine Tree State’s residents in having GQ magazine certify the utter coolness of the state’s largest city.

In its November travel features section, GQ (which is a far cooler name than its former one, Gentlemen’s Quarterly) identifies Portland as one of 19 coolest small cities in America. The article identifies four city eateries worthy of a visit (as they undoubtedly are), ranging from downtown fancy to island prosaic (a general store).

Portlanders know that good places to eat abound, however, and Mainers know that the state is packed with not only cool restaurants but cool museums, cool resorts, cool ski areas, cool bed-and-breakfasts, and really really really cool state parks, mountains, forests, lakes, seashores (rocky or sandy, your choice) and a deep blue ocean and sky.

So, it’s good to have a testimony, limited as it is, that may bring people here. As long as when they do arrive, they see that there’s a lot of coolness around them, and that they should take the time to drink it all in.