A Westbrook man is in jail facing charges he assaulted an acquaintance with a gun in Portland.

Westbrook police arrested Justin B. Digaetano, 20 at an apartment on Bridgton Road after Portland police had issued a bulletin to area departments to be on the lookout for him, police said.

Portland police said a person had been scheduled to meet Digaetano Tuesday night and got into a car with him, but was then attacked at Capisic and Frost streets. The victim said Digaetano hit the victim in the face with the pistol and in the struggle, the victim was able to wrest the gun from him and run away, police said.

Digaetano was arrested an hour later, at 8:30 p.m., on charges of aggravated assault, police said.

Police did not release what the argument stemmed from or how the two knew each other.

Police are investigating the possibility there were other assaults in connection with Tuesday night’s attack.

Digaetano is being held on $10,000  bail.

Digaetano was charged in 2008 with robbing and assaulting cab drivers in separate incidents on Grant and Clark streets and was also charged with robbing and assaulting a couple that same year on Mellen Street.