It is refreshing to read a Bill Nemitz column of introspection (“Dems’ political machine needs major retooling,” Nov. 5) as the Left laments about “what has happened to our machine?”

It was just that, a machine that made a lot of noise as it mowed, steamrolled and plowed under anything in its way.

People don’t like being the grass to a lawnmower. People (those with the vital human things like heart, brain and soul) are tired of a government that for far too long has dismissed them as irrelevant and not very bright while their tax dollars are very relevant.

Negative campaigns, lies and deceptions (Chellie Pingree’s attacks on Dean Scontras), character assassinations (Nemitz on Paul LePage, Sarah Palin and all in opposition of his radical opinions), Chris Matthews’ insulting interview on NBC of Rep. Michelle Bachman, Obama’s comments about “Republicans can sit in the back of the car” or that “Latinos need to get out and vote against their enemies” — that stuff just isn’t flying any more.

The “machine” sure does need an overhaul. But before that can happen, those elitist, condescending attitudes of Democrats who contend that “Republicans have no depth or dimension” need to come down off their high horses and realize that the electorate offered a loud and clear message (they just didn’t like it)!

While the liberals are trying to figure it all out, while the huge jobless rate, multitrillion-dollar deficit and national debt represent failed policies, while a health care plan threatens to fracture us all, while Obama is taking his multibillion-dollar trip to exotic parts of the world in the guise of “creating a more connected global blah blah blah), let’s all sit back and ponder things here.

Maybe we can figure out why the “machine” just isn’t rolling so good. The words of Albert Einstein come to mind: “Insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over while expecting different results.”