JERUSALEM – The United States has offered Israel an incentive package to reinstate a moratorium on West Bank settlement building in an effort to revive stalled peace talks with the Palestinians, diplomatic sources said Saturday.

The sources said the deal stipulates that Israel will stop settlement construction for 90 days in the West Bank. The moratorium would not apply to east Jerusalem. The United States will not ask Israel to extend the new moratorium when it expires.

U.S.-brokered talks between Israel and the Palestinians resumed in September after a nearly two-year hiatus, but they quickly stalled over the issue of settlement expansion.

The Palestinians say they will not resume peace talks until Israel stops building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem — territory they claim as parts of their future state. Israel insists the issue of settlements will become null and void once final borders are agreed upon.

Diplomats said Saturday that the incentive package includes U.S. commitments to fight international resolutions critical of Israel. They said the U.S. administration also will ask Congress to supply 20 stealth fighter jets to Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and other U.S. officials last week.

It’s not clear if the U.S. incentives deal would be enough for the Palestinians, though, because it doesn’t include a building freeze in east Jerusalem, which they want as their future capital.