PORTLAND — Chef Erik Desjarlias says he is “bittersweetly pleased” to resign from Evangeline and close the French-inspired restaurant in Portland’s Longfellow Square in order to become a full-time dad to his infant daughter.

“The intensity of my role at Evangeline drew me away from spending any time with my daughter whatsoever, and with two restaurant chef/owners under one roof, time is a valuable asset,” Desjarlais wrote in an announcement he e-mailed to the news outlets Sunday.

Desjarlais is married to Krista Kern Desjarlais, chef/owner of Bresca at 111 Middle St. Their daughter, Cortland, is nearly 6 months old.

“Moderating my time spent at Evangeline would have an adverse effect on the business,” Desjarlais said, “so I have decided to move my role as full-time nurturer from the restaurant to our daughter, which I’m sure any parent would understand.

“I’m very proud of what I have accomplished at Evangeline, and I am definitely excited to move forward from my role as Chef to my role as a full-time Dad and supportive husband. …And while I will sincerely miss firing up the ranges every day and making the food I love, I’m excited to be immersed in diapers, teething, baby-babble, and all of Cortland’s ‘firsts.’ ”

Evangeline opened in April 2008 and got noticed by writers from the New York Times, The Boston Globe and GQ.