PHILADELPHIA – Country music star Keith Urban is used to seeing screaming fans – just not necessarily meeting them up close at a train station.

Urban promoted his new album, “Get Closer,” in stops at New York’s Penn Station and Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station on Tuesday. Several hundred screaming fans met him at the Philadelphia station, many snapping pictures as he hopped on a temporary stage in a black shirt and blue jeans.

He sang five songs, including several off the new record, and squeezed in a short sample of Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” for the home crowd.

Rather will sum up storied career in memoir

NEW YORK – Dan Rather is in the mood for “Summing Up.”

The former CBS anchor and reporter has a deal with Grand Central Publishing for a memoir tentatively scheduled to come out in 2012. Grand Central announced Tuesday that “Summing Up” covers his long career in journalism, from the John F. Kennedy assassination and Watergate to the Iraq War and his final years at CBS, when a disputed story about President George W. Bush’s military service led to his departure in 2006.

Rather, 79, has also written a memoir about his childhood.

Spider-Man’s end near?


PHILADELPHIA – Has Spider-Man spun his final web?

Marvel Comics says it will unveil a new story line in Ultimate Spider-Man — a separate imprint from its other comics – with a title that may prove unsettling to the webslinger’s fans: “Death of Spider-Man.”

The publisher is playing coy about what fate may befall Peter Parker, but the story, penned by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar, is likely to be groundbreaking given that the Ultimate Comics line has been less than kind to characters in the past, killing them off for good, including Magneto, Wasp and Wolverine.

Bendis said Tuesday that the story is a “bold endeavor” and will span several issues. But on whether Spider-Man will be killed or not, Bendis and the company were mum.