PORTLAND — Herb Hopkins, business manager of the city’s public schools since February 2008, has resigned to take a job as finance director of Yarmouth schools.

Monday was his last day on the job and Friday will be his last paid day off.

Hopkins, who held similar positions in Scarborough and Brunswick, came to Maine’s largest district after its former business manager and superintendent resigned in 2007 during a budget crisis.

Hopkins is one of several top administrators to leave Portland schools in recent months following an administrative overhaul carried out by Superintendent Jim Morse at the direction of the School Committee.

Morse, who was hired in July 2009, has restructured central office staff to include a chief academic officer, a chief operations officer and a chief finance officer.

Last summer, Morse hired Michael Wilson, a lawyer and certified public accountant from Falmouth, to fill the CFO position for about $140,000 in annual salary and benefits.

Hopkins, who lives in North Yarmouth, said he chose to move on.

Morse said he plans to fill the vacancy left by Hopkins’ departure with another accountant for significantly less than the estimated $125,000 that Hopkins received in annual salary and benefits.