In a bizarre and almost incomprehensible accident, a 24-year-old man, driving with a suspended license, took a right turn off Sawyer Road into our driveway, then veered to the right, speeding across our front lawn and crashing his vehicle into our house.

My wife and I were shocked to learn that driving with a suspended license has been “decriminalized.” Although summonses were issued for that offense and for “failure to control his vehicle,” how is the law to be enforced if there are no stern penalties?

We were also shocked to discover that, according to current procedures, the circumstances did not result in the vehicle being impounded and searched, nor was the culprit given breathalyzer or drug tests.

Cape Elizabeth has not effectively enforced the 25-mph speed limit on our part of the road, and traffic-calming measures such as homemade signs have not worked.

We suggest putting in speed tables near the intersection with Stillman Street.

Harry Smith
Cape Elizabeth