WINTHROP – Students of Latin at Winthrop High School have adopted Dr. Seuss.

While Dr. Seuss — the pen name for Theodor Geisel — isn’t classical literature, it fit well for students who prepared for the spirit rallies during the Maine Junior Classical League’s fall convention.

Winthrop, the host school, took top honors for spirit at last week’s convention, with help from its numbers. About 100 students study Latin at Winthrop, and 80 of them are members of the Junior Classical League.

League President Evan Arbour, a Winthrop High School senior, said the spirit rallies are 15-minute contests between all schools, held in various sections of the gym.

“There were rainbow hats and Dr. Seuss books made of cardboard,” Arbour said. “It’s so much fun and so loud, and people are so excited.”

Other schools celebrated other classics, including the “Lord of the Rings” fantasy epic by J.R.R. Tolkien and works by Edgar Allan Poe.

At one point, Hampden Academy students came over and challenged Winthrop’s group to be louder, said Nikki Scott, president of Winthrop’s Junior Classical League group.

“With the Latin club, spirit is such a big attraction,” Scott said. “We’ve been (there) four times in a row and we’ve won the spirit contest. It’s something we pride ourselves on.”

The fall convention, at which togas are the togs of choice, has other competitions, including Certamen, in which students answer questions about grammar, mythology and culture.

In all, the fall convention attracted 400 students from 14 schools. The event featured a presentation by Zach Hall, national second vice president responsible for spirit and community service, who drove from Massachusetts to attend.

Winthrop students will begin preparing for the spring 2011 state gathering, to be held at Camp Mechawana in Winthrop.

More information and results are on the Maine Classical Association website, at