KITTERY – A man accused of leading police on a high-speed chase and caused a serious accident on the Maine Turnpike Friday afternoon has been charged with eluding a police officer and is being held on $5,000 cash bail at the York County Jail.

Timothy J. Williams, 39, was chaged with the felony after he fled in a car from police on the Route 1 Bypass in Kittery, got on the turnpike, sideswiped a car and then rear-ended another, sending both his car and the one that was rear-ended skidding out of control.

A family of three was in the car that was rear-ended and police said no one sustained a serious injury. A booking photo released by Kittery police appears to show Williams with bumps and bruises on his face and he is wearing a padded neck collar.

Police said the incident began when Williams was seen driving at what they called “a very high rate of speed” on the bypass. A Kittery police officer tried to pull Williams over as his car entered the turnpike northbound, but he kept driving, sped up and started to rapidly change lanes.

Police said that at times, Williams was traveling more than 80 mph until the accident, which occured about six miles north of the York tollbooth.

Police said they are investigating other possible charges against Williams, including aggravated operating under the influence, operating after suspension and criminal speeding.

Police said they will also determine whether the chase complies with the department’s policy on high-speed chases. Kittery police said their policy follows a model policy developed by the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, which calls on the officer to consider factors including the seriousness of the crime; the possibility of apprehension; where the chase will take place; traffic, weather and road conditions; and a balance of the danger posed to the public by the chase versus allowing the suspect to escape.