I called Central Maine Power and said, “Please remove my smart meter as soon as possible.” They did. I know this is controversial and CMP is not happy with customers calling with this request. However, I encourage citizens to do this. We do not know enough yet, and as in many other instances, things may look safe at the start, but information often changes.

I recall, as a child, running in the streets behind the big trucks that sprayed DDT. We thought it was fun to chase after it, losing ourselves in the clouds of smoke. My parents were certainly unaware of any hazard and although they were not wild about us chasing behind these trucks, it never occurred to them that it was a danger to our future health.

Now what we know is that its use is related to diabetes, developmental and reproductive toxicity and breast cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I often ask myself the question: What have I been exposed to that negatively affects my health? What am I exposed to today that may affect my health in the future?

True, we cannot know it all, but we can be cautious, thoughtful and challenging. We can decide we will not sit back and just accept the information provided by big corporations who have a greater interest than our health.

Stand up, use your voice and say no. I encourage you to pay attention to this. It is your health and your life.

Rosemarie De Angelis, city councilor
South Portland

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