BIDDEFORD — Biddeford High School Principal Britt Wolfe announced to students this morning that air quality levels in two classrooms closed Monday were consistent with outdoor air quality, according to Assistant Principal Tom O’Brien.

“So, (the classrooms) were no longer a threat,” O’Brien said. “As far as those two rooms that were concerned, it is OK to reenter those rooms.”

Wolfe told students during this morning’s announcement that there would be testing in other areas of the school, O’Brien said. While Wolfe announced the rooms were safe to reopen, O’Brien was unsure if students and teachers had returned to their classrooms.

Biddeford School District Superintendent Sarah-Jane Poli and Wolfe were meeting this morning with contractors who are working on the school’s renovation project, O’Brien said.

While the guidance department indicated attendance numbers were unchanged in light of the classroom closures, concerned parents Laurie Hale and Mary-Ann Noyes kept their children out of school today.

Hale’s daughter Marina Gagne is one of the students at the high school experiencing repeated reactions to mold spores found in the classrooms. Hale said she was “shocked” that the school remains open today. Despite Wolfe’s announcement, she said she is still concerned the air quality in the high school is unsafe for students.