After Bill Nemitz’s rants, I didn’t think you could stoop any lower, but then I read your appalling editorial regarding Pete Harring, also knows as “Pete the Carpenter.” (“‘The Carpenter’ a bad fit for transition team” Nov. 27).

You ask: “What qualifies him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with folks who have worked tirelessly to improve Maine’s schools or with those who have represented the people in the Legislature “

This remark alone betrays your arrogance, utter lack of respect for Maine citizens and ignorance of our government’s proper role.

What qualifies you to look down your nose at and stand in judgment of hard- working everyday Maine citizens?

Gov.-elect Paul LePage’s appointments illustrate his promise to work for and with all Maine citizens, and that is why he would appoint someone such as Lisa Marrache, for example, when in your own words “ it makes absolutely no sense to ask somebody you disagree with to advise you,” because it does make sense when the intent is to represent all of Maine.

The Constitution of the State of Maine begins, “We the People of Maine ” which includes all Maine citizens. I highly recommend reading it. You may not support it, but unless or until we the people change it, it is the law of the land and soon to be returned to its proper place controlling government activities and protecting citizens’ freedoms.

Your preference for a handful of elitists ruling over the commoners was overruled by the voters and, like it or not, it’s time to end these attempts to mask the odor of sour grapes.