On behalf of the board of trustees of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, I want to commend Sen. Susan Collins for her recent vote against a sweeping amendment that would have not only placed a binding three-year prohibition on congressional earmarks, but also would have eliminated funding next year for important Maine projects already approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

One of these projects includes funding for a small business incubator and technology innovation center at Brunswick Landing, which represents a significant opportunity for job creation at the redeveloping Brunswick Naval Air Station.

The federal decision to close BNAS has had a dramatic impact on the Maine economy. The employment decline and related economic dislocations associated with the base closure, combined with the general malaise of the state and national economies, has profoundly affected families, businesses and communities in the Mid-Coast region and throughout Maine. Projects such as the technology innovation center represent a “light at the end of the tunnel” for job creation opportunities at BNAS, which are critical to Maine’s and the nation’s economic recovery.

Collins has once again demonstrated solid leadership in Congress in support of Maine’s businesses and families.

Steven H. Levesque, executive director