The Maine Turnpike Authrity has restored the speed limit on the turnpike after lowering it for much of the early part of the day to 45 mph because of snow.

10:48 a.m.

Snow has led the Maine Turnpike to lower speed on a stretch of the state’s main highway and coastal Maine emergency workers report numerous cars off the road.

The turnpike posted a speed advisory at the request of the Maine State Police, lowering the turnpike speed limit to 45 mph from Lewiston to Augusta.

While several areas of northern Maine have been hit hard by snowfall, strong winds  and power outages, Lincoln County dispatchers report numerous cars off the road in the mid-coast area.

Snow and slippery conditions have contributed to many accidents this morning though none of them with serious injuries. Maintenance trucks are sanding roads but haven’t been able to reach them all yet, authorities said.