With regard to “Benefits for jobless should trump tax cuts for rich” by Rep. Chellie Pingree, Maine Voices, Nov. 29:

No, Chellie, they shouldn’t.

Her re-election notwithstanding, the national election results scream that most Americans do not believe that redistribution of wealth leads to economic growth.

We all want economic growth — but we differ fundamentally in how to achieve it.

Pingree says that “cutting taxes” (i.e., continuing the current tax rates) for those making over $250,000 is a cost to the government of $700 billion.

Only when she realizes that next year’s projected tax increase is a $700 billion cost to the private sector will I believe that she is serious about economic growth.

She also stated, “Some of my colleagues said they opposed extending unemployment benefits because we didn’t find a way to pay for them, then turned around and promised to vote for the tax breaks for the wealthy without the slightest idea how to pay for that giveaway.”

Again, this notion that letting people keep more of their earned income is taking money from the government is hopelessly backwards.

Tax increases are a take-away from the private sector. Americans just said they trust the private sector to do a better job of growing our economy than the government.

People would rather have a job than an unemployment check.