BRUNSWICK — Councilors added five residents to the police station subcommittee.

Councilor Benet Pols, chairman of the appointments subcommittee, said three candidates were unanimously recommended and two others were recommended by votes of 2-1. Following the appointments subcommittee nominations, the floor was opened to allow additional nominations from councilors.

There were 13 applicants for the panel who were screened by Councilors Suzan Wilson, John Perreault and Pols.

Wilson said the number of applicants was “an embarrassment of riches.” She said all the applicants were well-qualified and the five chosen by the appointments subcomittee would represent “a variety and diversity of skill sets.”

Pols noted appointments have to be made by the entire Town Council, not the appointments subcommittee. He commended the applicants for meeting the short application schedule as well as committing to weekly meetings for at least three months. Two applicants withdrew due to the time commitment, he said.

Three candidates were unanimously approved by the council: McKeen Street resident Sarah Brayman, Cumberland Street resident Dennis Knox and McKeen Street resident John Donovan. All three were also unanimously recommended by the appointments subcommittee.

The remaining two appointees were subcommittee recommendation Bernard Breitbart of Cumberland Street and Louise Ansari of Merrymeeting Road, who was nominated by Councilor Gerald Favreau.

The citizen representatives will join Councilors Joanne King, Ben Tucker, David Watson and Perreault on the police station subcommittee.

The police station subcommittee will research options for a new police station, including purchase and construction on property at Stanwood and Pleasant streets, building on town-owned property, establishing a police station on the former Brunswick Naval Air Station property, use of the former Times Record building or reusing the current location on Federal Street.

Last month, councilors rescinded approval for purchase of the Stanwood and Pleasant Street properties following public objections and requests for citizens on the police station subcommittee.

The next meeting of the police station subcommittee is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 15.

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