SKOWHEGAN — A Skowhegan man was held without bail Tuesday, charged with posing as a police officer and threatening a woman, saying he had a gun when he stopped her.

Jarrod Z. Standring, 26, is charged with criminal threatening, disorderly conduct, driving without a license and violating conditions of release. He’s also charged with aggravated forgery, for allegedly giving a false name and date of birth when he was fingerprinted Monday

Skowhegan police Officer Ronnie Blodgett and Chief Michael Emmons said the events leading to Standring’s arrest began Saturday, with a complaint from a woman on Brown Street.

“He had stopped her and said he was a police officer,” Emmons said. “The complaint was that after he had stopped her, he made some comments to her, calling her vulgar names Then he makes a comment to her that he had a gun in the trunk.”

Officers Jason Gayne and Ian Shalit were allowed to search Standring’s car, but no gun was found. He told police that he had no photo ID, Blodgett said.

Standring agreed Saturday to go with police to the Somerset County Jail to be fingerprinted. He identified himself as Jarrod Z. Sullivan, Blodgett said. Police on Monday faxed copies of the fingerprints to Virginia for processing through the FBI database, where Standring’s real name was confirmed.

On Monday, Blodgett said he and Officer Don Avery arrested Standring. In Standring’s bedroom, police found a BB-gun pistol in a holster and a gold security officer’s badge.

When Standring signed the fingerprint card with the false name and false birthdate, he was committing aggravated forgery because it was a government document, Blodgett said. The criminal threatening and disorderly conduct charges come from Standring’s alleged verbal assault and threats Saturday.

Standring is scheduled to make his initial appearance before a judge today, a jail intake officer said.