SCARBOROUGH — Scarborough police are waiting to hear whether a young mother who went missing six months ago might be one of four bodies found in New York’s Long Island.

Megan Waterman, 22, was last seen at the Holiday Inn Express in Happague, N.Y. Police believe she advertised as an escort on Craigslist and traveled to Long Island with her boyfriend for that purpose.

Scarborough Police Chief Robert Moulton said that Suffolk County Police haven’t indicated whether they think one of the bodies might be Waterman. But he said authorities have not ruled out that possibility.

“Where they did find these in a location that was relatively close to areas we know that she has been, it is at least a possibility,” Moulton said.

Elizabeth Meserve, Waterman’s aunt, said she is encouraging her family to maintain a positive outlook. Meserve said she doesn’t want to succumb to despair and waste time when they could be working to find Waterman. She noted that it could be months before the bodies are identified.

“If we stay stuck in that ‘Oh, it’s her’ we might miss an opportunity,” Meserve said.

The bodies were found off Ocean Parkway in the town of Babylon. Two of the bodies are female.

Investigators are considering the possibility that a serial killer may have dumped the bodies along the same quarter-mile stretch of beachside road, a New York police official said Tuesday.

Police were looking for a missing prostitute on Long Island’s Fire Island when the bodies were found. They were only feet from the roadway, and it appears each had been thrown from a vehicle, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said.

“We’re looking at that — that we could have a serial killer,” Dormer said in response to a reporter’s question.