Maine has been ranked second in the nation for its laws defending animals, making it one of the worst states to be an animal abuser.

The ranking was announced after a comparative analysis of the animal protection laws throughout the country by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. California, Illinois, Michigan and Oregon are among other states in the top five. Kentucky, North Dakota, Idaho, Mississippi and Iowa were identified as having the worst animal protection laws.

Maine’s anti-cruelty laws apply to most animals and include felony penalties for cruelty, neglect, abandonment and sexual assault of animals, as well as increased penalties for repeat abusers and mandatory reporting of suspected aggravated animal cruelty by veterinarians.

The state also allows courts to order counseling, cost recovery measures, forfeiture of animals and restrictions on the future ownership of animals by abusers.

The fund’s report recommends stronger animal fighting provisions, enhanced penalties for animal abusers with prior domestic violence offenses and mandatory forfeiture on conviction be included in the state’s laws.