I’m not trying to panic anyone.

But depending on when you’re reading this, it’s at least Dec. 16.


No matter what your faith, or lack thereof, America’s true religion is commerce, and that harsh god demands that you spend the last days of the year emptying your wallets for the sake of friends, loved ones and others you don’t personally care for but are nonetheless bound to through friends and loved ones.

And time is running out.

But have no fear, your resident local movie nerd has some local movie gift ideas.


The Fun Box Monster Emporium (656 Congress St., Portland): Looking for that rare Star Wars toy, ironic movie T-shirt or a Jason Voorhees action figure with machete action? The Fun Box is crammed with enough movie and TV memorabilia to stuff even the geekiest stocking.

The Maine Historical Society online store (mainehistorical.stores.yahoo.net/audioandvideo.html): Dad will love DVDs on all things Maine, from recent documentaries such as “The Eventful Life of Al Hawkes” (about the Maine bluegrass pioneer), classics such as “Dead River Rough Cut” and even esoterica (how about “24 Hours with the Portland Fire Department?”)

Strange Maine (578 Congress St., Portland): The perfect place for the “oddball VHS” (or just oddball) enthusiast on your list, Strange Maine is another stocking-stuffer paradise.


“Damnationland”: This acclaimed 2010 Maine horror anthology is now on DVD! Give some holiday chills this year. Buy it at Videoport or Bull Moose Music (both at 151 Middle St., Portland).

“H.P. Lovecraft Collection — Vols. 1 & 2”: More holiday horrors, this omnibus collection of Lovecraft-inspired short films includes movies from local filmmakers Christian Matzke and Sarah Tarling-Matzke. Available nationwide, but Buy Local.

“[dog] and [pony] DVD Compilations”: Local filmmakers Nick Poulin and Krister Rollins’ eclectic output of music videos, horror films and documentaries is available at Bull Moose Music in Portland (151 Middle St.).


Space Gallery (www.space538.org): It has rapidly become a major destination for Mainers looking for art films, documentaries and indie film (check out this Wednesday’s showing of the evil Santa flick “Rare Exports”). The best gift bet is an annual membership ($36; $24 for students), which confers discounted admission to all Space events.

Nickelodeon Cinemas: Sure, it’s a chain (albeit a tiny one), but the Nick has become a haven for local filmmakers, allowing frequent big-screen showings of Maine fare. Gift certificates and gift books available at 1 Temple St., Portland.

Videoport (151 Middle St., Portland): Sure, I work there, but that doesn’t change the fact that Portland can boast one of the best (remaining) video stores anywhere. Any movie geek would feel at home prowling the massive selection there. Obviously. 

Dennis Perkins is a freelance writer who lives in Portland and, yes, works at Videoport.


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