Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $113,349.88

Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do — Catherine Curran $20

The Holmes family $50

In memory of Diana — Thornton Candage $25

In memory of Geraldine and Warren $100

In memory of our parents and friends — Earl and Stasia Goodwin $50

In loving memory of Janice Regan, who always gave so much to others $50

DJ and Lili $25

In memory of Joe — David Warren $50

Knights of Columbus Bishop Amedee Proulx Council #11257 $100

In loving memory of Robert and Edna Grimmer from daughter Karen and family $100

In memory of Anne Farley, our neighbor — David and Karen $25

For the children, with our love $50

Cassie and Grandfather $50

Merry Christmas! — F/V De-Dee-Mae, Marshall and Carole Alexander $200

Richard Emmons $25

Merry Christmas! — the Tucker family $100

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas — Jim and Kathy Ryan $100

In memory of Mike and Kenny Taliento & Pat Ford. Love, Joann $50

Sarah I. Scully $25

In memory of Michael, Chris and Cassidy — Alice & Henry Barstow $100

Joanne K. Jaccaci $15

Ken and Marge $25

In loving memory of Francis Donahue — Dorothy $30

Lions Club of Cape Elizabeth $250

In memory of my children Dianna, Dennis and Victor and Merry Christmas to all at Larrabee Village — Marcella $300

In memory of Williams’ and Phillips’ families $25

In memory of Rick Spencer $25

Merry Christmas — John and Pam Fridlington $400

St. Pius Senior Bingo $125

In loving memory of our parents — Lynne and Bob Beal $200

In memory of Marie $100

Smithwick and Mariners postage fund and match $185

Merry Christmas — Skip and Charmine Smith $100

In honor of troops around the world $50

In loving memory of my husband, Leroy Rand — Joan $25

Janet and Arthur Perrin Jr. $100

Carole and Thomas Vail Jr. $100

In memory of the Pellissier and Grzybowski families $100

Patrick & Margaret McLaughlin $100

Today’s total: $3,600

Total to date: $116,949.88