Once upon a time there were two neighbors named Hewlett and Packard. They had an inspiration, quit their jobs, mortgaged their souls. They developed their product, and developed a whole new industry. They became wealthy. Along come the liberals, Obama, Beem, et.al. with their hands out demonizing these inventors, informing them that the government can use their money, and decide how much of it they can keep and pass on after their demise.

As most people know it, this was the American dream. Hewlett and Packard made their money honestly. Why should the government decide how much of it they can keep?

If Edgar Allen Beem got off his posterior, he, too, could have pursued the American dream. Instead he pontificates on how much these greedy wealthy entrepreneurs should shovel to the treasury.

At one time he was lamenting his wife’s broken tooth and the $800 bill to fix it. Like most liberals he wished that the government would force the wealthy to pay for it. Maybe he should try going into employment and meeting a payroll and submitting to all the bureaucratic regulations.

Nick Pappas
Cape Elizabeth

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