Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund: 

Previously acknowledged: $122,136.24

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. JHC Sr. and Mrs. JHC Jr. $50

Merry Christmas! — Doug and Dee Dee Norton $100

In memory of Nana Glazier — Tiffany Townsend $100

In loving memory of my mom, Mary Blake, and my sister, Rolene Frost, who both loved Christmas $30

In loving memory of Jonathan Michael Sawyer. Love, Mom, Dad and Jillian $100

In loving memory of our Grampy — Peter and Kathleen Nicole Casasa–Blouin $50

In loving memory of our grandmother, Mildred Casasa and Father Philip Casasa — Kathleen, Tom and Barbara Casasa $100

Patricia and Richard Bernard $50

D & L Marketing $25

Merry Christmas — Terri and Bob Regan $100

In memory of William Walton — Thomas and Dolores Minervino $25

Unum National Client Group Billing Teams $412.50

East Baldwin Congregational Church Missionary Fund $50

Janice E. Brackett $20

Maine Staffing Group, Westbrook Office $75

In memory of William L. Walton — the staff of Laura E. Richards Elementary School $25

In loving memory of Dad and Helen — Alicia $50

Nancy Tryzelaar $10

John and Mary Beth Richardson $50

Michael A Frost, DMD $100

Portland Dry Cleaners $200

Ingrid Hoffmann $250

In memory of Gary, Gram and Gramp $25

Hilda Wigley $35

In memory of Albert C. Stanley — Anne Stanley & Bruce Hood $100

Suzanne and Richard F. Daniels Jr. $100

Robert and Cynthia Frye-Macomber $25

In memory of Becky Roux — Germaine T. Roux $25

In memory of our parents, Beatrice Colby and Sybil and Harold Kneeland $100

In memory of Mon Pere and Gramma Sanderson, Ginger and Nutmeg, who all loved Christmas $200

In memory of John Waycotte — Casco Aerie #565 $100

In memory of Terry Nutter — Nancy Scott $25

Portland Pipe Line Corp. $200

In memory of Lee and Ernie Farnsworth and “Millie” and Pete Ballard from the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids $25

Gilbert and Lee Brown $25

In honor of my grandchildren, Dylan, Andrew, Connor and Olivia — Sandy $50

Theodore J. Strojny $25

In memory of Elston and Larry $100

Merry Christmas to the kids! — Maddi and Krystina $15

In loving memory of our brother, John M. Sullivan — Lynne and Mary $300

Anne Eliot Hiatt $100

Ronald and Dolores Ritter $25

Merry Christmas, Edgar — Blaine and Kathy $30

In loving memory of Helen Fifield Lowell — Shirley T. Stewart $100

Clyde E .Wentworth $50

Maine Medical Center, Engineering Department Staff $425

John Monaghan Jr. $50

Thank you Santa — the CCNS families $50

Jeffrey and Linda Sanborn $20

In memory of Kelly Ann Stevens $25

Anonymous $20

Lesley D. Ewald $50

Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association $75

Advisory 216, KHS $40.75

Bob and Gen $25

The Meschinellis $50

In loving memory of our daughter Jessica and her cousins Michaela and Misty $35

In loving memory of Mrs. A.R. “Grammie” Ware $10

In loving memory of Bob Thomas $50

For Grampa, who loved Christmas $20

Daniel and Lindsay Richman $125

Edward and Leslie Garber $35

In memory of my brother-in-law, David Barter — Lisa $25

In memory of Donald E. Clark from his loving family $50

In loving memory of Ernest Delorme from his family $50

For Maxine Dow from John S. Dow $25

Anonymous $25

In memory of Goatie — Rox and the Tank $100

Michael Curci $50

For Alex $25

Robert and Suzanne Turkington and family $75

In loving memory of Tony Moniz, who loved Christmas — Carolyn and Tom Jones $100

In memory of the Page and Maynard families — Bob and Elayne Page $100

The Friday Nite Gals $255

Today’s total $5,738.25

Total to date $127,874.49