PORTLAND — The city’s storm clean-up effort is expected to wrap up tonight.

The focus Tuesday was on sidewalks and re-plowing residential streets that needed additional attention, said Michael Bobinsky, the city’s director of public services. He said the city’s response went well despite the challenges posed by high winds, drifting snow and whiteout conditions.

At the peak of the effort, about 40 pieces of equipment and between 50 and 60 employees were working around the clock, Bobinsky said. And solid waste employees managed to collect trash on the Monday route despite blizzard-like conditions. Residents were asked to not put their recycling out, however, to avoid containers blowing in the wind.

Bobinsky said 130 vehicles were towed Sunday night and Monday morning, when a citywide parking ban was in effect. In past years upwards of 200 vehicles might be towed, he said, but he believes residents are more aware, in part, due to social media and e-mail alerts. Twenty vehicles were towed Monday night and Tuesday morning, when a “yellow” parking ban was in effect downtown.