Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $131,446.49

Riverside Women’s Golf Association $375

In honor of Betty and Ray Kerr $275

Students and staff of Presumpscot Elementary School $250

In memory of Laurence S. Allen Sr. and Lou F. (Allen) Nichols — Beverly, Missy, Larry and Lonnie Allen $100

For all the children everywhere — Lou “Bambi” Nichols $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perry — Beverly and Lonnie Allen $100

Memorial Middle School 7th Grade Shoot-a-thon $415.40

In memory of Barbara Schirmer — William and Julie Schirmer $25

Merry Christmas! — Tob Nichols $100

Ho! Ho! Ho! — Phyllis E. Leavitt $100

In lieu of local Christmas cards — Rachel and Carl Akin $25

Michael Boissonneault $150

John and June Bowman $50

In memory of Stig and Corey $150

In loving memory of my granddaughter, Jessica Herrick, and her cousins, Misty and Michaela $20

David Body and Elizabeth Miller $25

Anonymous $20

In memory of Carl “Jimmy” Burrill, who lived the spirit of Christmas every day of his life — Warren and Katherine Foye $25

Dorothy A. Bruce $50

John and Jean Northrop $100

In the name of Harold and Barbara Quigley — Robert J. Quigley $50

Harraseeket Yacht Sales $75

In loving memory of Earle L. Ingalls — Dorothy E. Ingalls $100

In loving memory of Ben and Arlene Thompson and Martin Arnold and Deborah Gilmore $100

Anonymous $50

In honor of our grandsons Sam, Kevin and Jacob $150

In memory of Louis Philip Bernier $100

Kelsey, Lisa and Susannah $50

So area children can have a good Christmas — Carole Spruce $100

Anonymous $50

Robert and Elizabeth Crane $25

Nancy W. Lacasse $50

In memory of the Casey and Richards families $25

In memory of Myrle and John Low — Lenore Milbank $25

Sally McGonagle $10

In memory of Ronald S. Leeman $25

Daniel and Jeanne Sullivan $40

In memory of my mother and father. Merry Christmas to all! — Pauline Daniels $50

In honor of friends and family — Deborah S. Heath $200

Joseph and Stephanie Cormier $25

Celebrating Danielle, Dominique, Dylan, Sam and Sean $100

In memory of a wonderful childhood $20

Birger and Linda Johnson $100

Robert E. Miniutti $100

In memory of all our relatives that have gone before us. Merry Christmas — Jeff, Ellen and Connor Worthing $75

Merry Christmas. Love, Dan, Connie, Danielle and Brooke $100

Suzanne and Leroy Jackson $25

In memory of Rindi Martin-Weigel, who loved all children — Janice Small $50

John and June McClean $100

In memory of Jerry $20

Maddox S. Hill and Henry B. Mills-Whittelsey $40

Tucker, Tank and Gracie $150

Merry Christmas — Julie and Bill Kesson $100

Carolyn B. Murray $50

C.E.F.D. Hose Company No. 2 $200

Thomas J. O’Connor $10

Donald and Constance Rose $50

Merry Christmas — Ed, Kimberly and Kendra $50

In memory of Ralph McLellan — Max and Edie Richards $50

In loving memory of Maurice Nelson and Kathy Lowell — Michael Nelson $50

For Milo — Sarah Holland $50

Jean C. Fecteau $100

Judith Miskell $75

Craig and Gail Kinney $100

In honor of Matt and Britt $50

In honor of my friend, Fran DiMauro $50

In memory of Joann and Guy Rowe.Thoughts of days gone by are always with us. Love, Lisa, Lindy, Miranda and Carley $50

In memory of Josie $75

In loving memory of Austin P.Nichols from his wife and daughter $100

Bud and Marion Guthrie $200

Peter, Tori and Tim $40

Bumpa and Grammie $25

In memory of Roger and Marcia Belanger $250

Anonymous $50

In memory of W. Earle Eskilson $50

Anonymous $10

Merry Christmas — the Herrigel family $50

In honor of our families from coast to coast — Linda, Jeff and Maddie $50

In lieu of gifts for Eric and Vicki Lindquist — Jane and Robert Lindquist $50

Anonymous 27 $100

Richard and Alice Spencer $100

In honor of the faculty and staff of the Falmouth Schools $100

To Nana’s Favorite Santa $50

In memory of my mother, who loved Christmas $50

In loving memory of Ben Clough — The Berniers $25

In loving memory of my son, Joe, from “Mum” $25

Janice M. and John C. Andrews Jr. $200

In memory of my mother, Trudy $25

Barbara A. Rachel $25

In memory of Frank, Ellen and Al Vietze $150

In loving memory of “Little Mama” $50

In memory of my parents, Bill and Toni McDonough — Carol and Bill Bragdon $25

Donald and Beverly Esson $100

On behalf of my six grandchildren; Bethanie, Victoria, Luke, Noah, Sam and Taylor — Sandra K. Greenleaf $30

For Margaret Clark — Linda M. Green $100

In honor of great kids and my new grandson, Landon $50

In memory of my wonderful parents, Janet and Lloyd $50

In memory of Al and Phyllis St. Clair $25

Linda Michaels $150

Sheila and Jim Farragher Jr. $30

In memory of Bill Wright $50

In honor of the anesthesiologists of Maine Medical Center from The Nurse Anesthetists of Maine Medical Center $200

Thank you for all of the hard work you do in making people happy on a day of celebration and love — Holly and Tom $500

Portland Safe Consulting and Design Inc. $100

In memory of our Fatty — Ben, Mo and Olive Bryaden $25

Merry Christmas from the Putnam family children and grandchildren $500

William and Lori Cook $150

The Harbor Masters of Portland Maine $281

Merry Christmas!– Michele, John, Brad and Brooke Sowerby $75

In memory of our deceased members — Deering Memorial Post Inc. No. 6859 VFW $500

In memory of Howard Krantman — Philip Levine $50

Eleanor Wilson Clemons $100

In memory of Jeanne Mayberry $25

In memory of our friend and co-worker Bill Walton $200

Frank and Deborah Pecoraro $500

Anonymous $20

Kristen, Lauren, Ella, Annie, Liam, Tyler and Julianne $50

David Dyer $25

In loving memory of Aviana and Gavino $150

Merry Christmas to Tim Soley and his staff and his family — Uncle Charlie $50

In memory of Richard H. Burns $10

Ken and Kathleen Pierce $100

Sandra and Brian Livingston $100

David Cameron $1,000

Phyllis Guss $25

Hugh Riddleberger $100

Kerry Wynne $50

Robert and Jo Pierce $50

In memory of Mr John E Moore — Gail Cloutier $100

In memory of Stefan Keene — Sally Keene $100

Michael Tolley $100

Putting lasting smiles on children’s faces in memory of Uncle Bill Walton — Carl, Nicki, Gary, Denise and Jessica $100

In honor of Ms. Molly Campbell — Sara $25

Sibyl Haley $200

Today’s total: $13,691.40

Total to date: $145,137.89