FALMOUTH — Police said there were no injuries in an accident where a train struck a car on Blackstrap Road at approximately 12:20 p.m. Monday.

The 2008 Subaru Legacy reportedly was struck in the rear bumper by a fully loaded Pan Am Railways freight train headed to New York from Waterville. The woman driving the car was not injured and her name was not initially released.

“We are still investigating, Falmouth Police Department Sgt. Frank Soule said. “It appears, at least in the preliminarily investigation, that she did not see or hear the warning devices. They do appear to be working.”

The train was reportedly traveling at 25 mph and took 1,400 feet to stop after the accident. The intersection, which is at Blackstrap and Davis Farm roads, is a “no-whistle” zone, although there are flashing lights at the intersection.

Soule said the driver of the Subaru told police she had heard a whistle, which train conductors are instructed to sound if they see an obstacle in the train’s path, but that her car was already on the tracks.

“She’s very fortunate,” Soule said. “If it had hit the car even a foot from where it did, this would have been a very different outcome.”

Soule said the incident was still under investigation, both by the Falmouth Police Department and the Boston & Maine Railroad Police. 

He added that charges have not been filed, but that neither department has ruled the possibility out. He said there was no indication drugs or alcohol were involved.

“In the preliminarily investigation, it appears, it was driver inattention,” Soule said.

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