The Southern Maine Activities Association held its annual awards ceremony Jan. 9. Among those receiving awards were seven players from Scarborough High School. On offense, tight end Michael Cyr, wide receiver Joe Viola and tackle Will Lynch were named first teamers. On defense, back Dennis Liu, tackle Logan Mars and linebacker Kellen Smith were named to the first team. Nathan Provencher was named to the All-Academic team. Will Lynch, Dennis Liu and Joe Viola received additional awards. First year coach Lance Johnson was named the Mike Landry Coach of the Year award winner. The following players received honorable mention on offense: Jack Adams (quarterback), Mark Pearson (running back), Scott Thibeault (running back), Zach Bean (running back), Kyle Kelley (wide receiver), Zack Frizzle (offensive tackle). The following received honorable mention on defense: Dillon Russo (defensive back), Matt Brown (linebacker) and Keoni DeBarge (noseguard).
Pictured (left to right): Kellen Smith, Joe Viola, Dennis Liu, Logan Mars, Will Lynch and Michael Cyr.

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